Orange is having a moment...

Updated: Mar 17

Did you see the fashion photographs from the Grammys?

Orange is having a moment … We love the colour orange at Maudlifestyle it is such a positive and happy colour and one which scientifically stimulates social interaction friendly conversations. Oh my how we have missed these things but here we are tentatively beginning to make social plans once more and that is so exciting!

In recent weeks we offered some vintage Ken J Lane vintage orange faux coral earrings, they were spectacular and sold immediately, they shouted out Spring is coming and sunshine months are just round the corner.

There are few things nicer in life than a gift contained in the iconic orange packaging from Hermes. We have a gorgeous Hermes pink 90x90cm silk scarf in its original orange box available, what a great Easter present for someone special or maybe a treat for yourself with a pair of jeans and a classic white shirt. It’s a timeless ageless look a ‘Maud Must have’.

Where fashion leads Interiors follow… introduce a bolt of orange to uplift your house and garden.

Vintage Factice Perfume Bottle

Vogue Coffee Table Book

Vintage Earclips by Karl Lagerfeld

We celebrated 1000 followers on Instagram last week and to celebrate we shared Maud’s recipe for a fabulous Negroni cocktail, orange of course with the delicious flavours of blood oranges. This certainly lifts the spirits and gets conversations flowing. In case you missed it, here it is below;