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Vintage Costume Jewellery is our fashion saver !

Here we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic spending lockdown in our homes very probably wearing relaxed clothing, a favourite pair of sweatpants, comfortable t shirts, and cosy cashmere, just how do we remind ourselves that we love to be fashionable and feel current?

A really easy fix is simply to add a great piece of vintage costume jewellery. Take for instance the divine YSL gold-plated bracelet from the 1980s which sold out immediately this weekend online at

This stunning piece elevates even the simplest of looks and makes us feel super cool. The beauty is that you can create a unique look, one which reflects your individual personality and style. We have had some stunning examples of YSL at Maudlifestyle, statement earrings and the wonderful silver chunky bangles worn together come to mind.

Within my own collection I have the most spectacular rock crystal pendant necklace dating from the 1980s. This was designed by the legendary Robert Goossens who designed and manufactured for Coco Chanel from 1955 until her death in the early 1970s.Yves Saint Laurent was able to persuade him to design pieces for his haute couture shows and this necklace is one such piece. It has a Rockstar feel and worn with a simple piece of white linen or a black polo sweater looks unforgettable.

Not only do these vintage jewels make you feel good and elevate your sometimes simple wardrobe they are also very collectable and highly sought after. They are certainly a double investment both in yourself and wellbeing, for the way they make you feel when you wear them, but also financially with special statement pieces from couture designers attracting buyers worldwide.

View Maud's current collection online here:

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