Claudie Maudie

Gets Married 

Where something old becomes something new

"The new definition of the luxury concept is to make sustainable  investments."

Pink Marble


We believe every couple has a story and so should every gift 

Born out of a love for beautiful things and special, unique gifts, Claudie Maudie's wedding list is utterly bespoke and curated for today's conscious couple.


With Sustainability in mind, we endeavour to be the modern-day storytellers for the vintage and antique. Hand sourced by us, each exquisite piece is rich in heritage & history, taken from a bygone era to be treasured in a new life with you. 

Like every gift, each list is one of kind and together, we design your perfect selection. Using existing objects already sourced or through private buying, your Wedding List is totally personal to you as a couple.


A wedding list with Claudie Maudie is designed to bring a new definition and dimension to the Wedding gift. Whether we are joining you at the start of your journey into the vintage & antique or simply meeting you halfway, we are here to bring you those hard to find, hard to forget, forever pieces.

For more information about our bespoke wedding list service please get in touch.


The Wedding Gift Edit 

A selection of some of our favourite objects to make the most special of wedding gifts or a sample of what your bespoke wedding list with us could look like.