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Antiques exhibit a timeless appeal. They are the essence of sustainability.

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I have always loved the beauty and individuality that buying antiques and vintage brings to my life and to other people. More than ever before buying antiques and vintage has a positive impact on protecting the environment. It is the very essence of sustainability.

A study by calculated that a piece of new furniture would last 15 years whilst an antique piece would be sold every 30 years. Based on this pattern of consumption the study concluded that the impact of antique and vintage furniture is nearly six times less than that of new, demonstrating its value for sustainable living.

These beautiful and often unique items can be passed from person to person and most excitingly from generation to generation opening up a whole new world to the Millennial, Gen Z and Gen X consumers.

With this in mind here at Maudlifestyle, we are launching our bespoke Wedding List service called 'Claudie Maudie' to curate and source beautiful objects from the past to reuse and love in future.

The Sustainable Wedding List

We also are excited about the latest arrival of Maud's bespoke luxury fragrance set in antique silver plated vessels available in a range of sizes. Once burned down, the antique silver can be refilled by Maud or you can repurpose the container. Truly an example of how antiques can be the essence of sustainability.

The new definition of the luxury concept is to make sustainable investments, timeless instead of short-lived purchases. Maudlifestyle is committed to this ethos and now more than ever, we need to value the past, for without history there is no future.

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